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Jason Lee Gimbel

Centennial, Colorado

My works are derived from years of figure drawings that are digitally stitched together to create new figures; apportioned images that are configured to make a whole. A visual metaphor is established through an exploration between traditional drawing and digitized drawing. The foundation of traditional figuring drawing is deconstructed and re-imagined through digital art. Likewise, the digital media element is changed by its integration through fine art applications. Comprised of drawings, pastel, toner, collage, ink, acrylic and oil paint, my work consists of destroying and rebuilding the art aesthetic. For the past ten years, Jason Lee Gimbel has pursued fine art and amateur rocketry. Living most of his life in Colorado, Jason lived in England through the turn of the 21st century. While figure drawing on paper still remains his primary focus, he has begun to work more with digital photography and computer art. In 2006, he began to combine his digital photography skills with his love for amateur rocketry and has been shooting photographs for Frontier Astronautics at their test site in Chugwater, Wyoming. Since 2008, Jason spends more time in his studio with the conviction of making art his primary career.


digital transfer, charcoal, pastel and pencil on paper

16 x 16

© 2011