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Elizabeth Curren

Bethesda, Maryland


Snow in the Grand Canyon

6⅛ x 81/8 x ¾

paper, photographs, mat board, metallic pen

ed 10 © 2011


Snow in the Grand Canyon, a tunnel book, incorporates photos taken on a family trip to the Grand Canyon. We awoke on the first morning of spring to discover that the upper formations were blanketed in snow, transforming the usually arid landscape into one of frost and quiet. The tunnel format enhances the sensation of focal points over great distances; the scanned collage of handmade papers mimic the stratigraphy of geological maps.



Water Falling, Fish Rising

3 x 2⅞ x ¾

paper, print, collage, metallic pen, mat board

ed 5 © 2011


Water Falling, Fish Rising, is formatted as a Japanese flutter accordion, allowing for the use of double-sided linoleum block prints and collaged papers to engender the sense of cascading water.

Elizabeth Curren is a book artist from Bethesda, MD; she combines handmade and commercial papers, watercolors and prints, along with text, into book structures in unique and small editions. She explores themes of travel, maps, landscapes, natural sciences and Irish literature. She is currently an MA candidate in the Art and the Book program of the Corcoran College of Art + Design. Her work is in university and private collections in the US and internationally.