Valeria Kremser Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(l) purple journal 3 x 3¾ x ½ leather, cotton paper, veneer unique © 2011 $20 (r) homescape 2x2 inkjet, vellum ed 8 © 2001 $5
My books are made of a variety of materials. I am interested in unusual structures. Most of my books are small and personal and can be held in one hand. Purple journal is an exploration of a very old book structure using contemporary materials. Homescape is a nonlinear narrative about what happens behind the closed doors and windows of a home. Valeria Kremser is a book conservation technician, artist, and educator. She has taught workshops on topics from papermaking and book structure to origami. She has performed treatment on items ranging from objects from Ellis Island to the personal notebooks of Bruce Springsteen. In her free time, she make makes miniature books, paper based jewelry, and prints. She is the Events Chair for The Philadelphia Center for the Book, and the Webmaster for the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers.