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Denise Carbone

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Observations on the Caterpillar Stitch

11 x 4½ x ½

offset, letterpress, lasercut sewing card

ed 125 2007


Observations on the Caterpillar Stitch is an instruction manual that includes an envelope of accruement to practice.




16 x 9½ x ¾ letterpress, waxed paper, mylar envelopes

ed 26 © 1999


Fragments came from both the inspiration of some wooden type purchased over the internet and collected fragments. Composition took place on the bed of the press. Lock-up’s took a few hours with many cuts of lead, brass and hunks of plastina clay to hold it in place.

For years I have been gathering “fragments” from the street, trash, pockets, bottoms of handbags...old books that I am restoring, and asking friends to save parking stubs, movie tickets or anything that had a patina.

Denise Carbone received her MFA in Book Arts/ Printmaking from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She presently teaches book concepts and printmaking processes at The University of the Arts and is the book conservator at The American Philosophical Society Library. Her personal work challenges traditional methods of printmaking and book structures incorporating mixed media, found material, letterpress and alternative processes. The making of her own manuscript inks to incorporate into her work is becoming a vital part of her image-making . She has exhibited her book works and prints nationally.