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Alice Austin
Alicia Bailey
Cathy DeForest
Claire Eileen Owen
Denise Carbone
Elizabeth Curren
Emily Martin
Hedi Kyle
Jon Sweitzer-Lamme
Kristin Balmer
Lesley Mitchell
Meg Kennedy
Mindy Trost
Tara O'Brien
Thomas Parker Williams
Todd Pattison
Valeria Kremser


Jon Sweitzer-Lamme

Haverford, Pennsylvania



3 x 2½ x ¾

parchment, catalog cards, thread

unique © 2012



Steel Trap

7 x 3½ x 1½

rat traps, paper, golf pencils, twine

ed 2 © 2012


These works take a craft-based approach to traditional and nontraditional media in book-based formats. Using evocative found objects as well as handmade materials, these works attempt to explore the dual nature of the information which resides or could reside within these tomes—seeing books as both a method of distributing knowledge, and, in this digital age especially, as a tomb for information.

Jon Sweitzer-Lamme is a member of the Delaware Valley Guild of Book Workers and a student at Haverford College. He is a student worker in Haverford’s Bindery, as well as in Haverford’s Special Collections. A self-taught bookbinder, he uses both traditional and nontraditional media in his work, which ranges from the functional to the aesthetic.