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Mindy Trost

Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania



3⅞ x 2⅞ x ½, photographs, binders’ board, ink

ed 5 © 2012


Cloisters: I’ve made an annual pilgrimage to The Cloisters in New York City for many years now. It’s a peaceful, inspired place (for the secular, religious, and everyone in between), filled with aspects of medieval life and vistas of the Hudson River. With each visit I try to look for something I’ve not seen before: an angle for my camera in the architecture or a detail in a painting.


Iris Book

10 x 4¼ x ¾, paste papers, photographs, board,

unique © 2012


Iris Book: By the time March rolls around where I live, I find it harder and harder to wait for the colors of spring. So I created a book of my favorite flower to bring some of that color indoors all year round

Artist books created using original photography, handmade paste papers and acid-free and archival bookbinding materials.

Mindy Trost has been creating handmade books for over 10 years. She learned the craft at the University of the Arts while she was a graphic design student. Besides making sketchbooks and journals, Mindy also creates artists’ books that she displays in exhibitions. She participates in juried craft shows in Pennsylvania. Mindy is a juried member of the Bucks County Chapter of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen.