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Alice Austin
Alicia Bailey
Cathy DeForest
Claire Eileen Owen
Denise Carbone
Elizabeth Curren
Emily Martin
Hedi Kyle
Jon Sweitzer-Lamme
Kristin Balmer
Lesley Mitchell
Meg Kennedy
Mindy Trost
Tara O'Brien
Thomas Parker Williams
Todd Pattison
Valeria Kremser


Thomas Parker Williams

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



5½ x 15

linocut, paper, original music CD

ed. 18 © 2008



Jasper’s 72 Triangles

22 x 25½ open reduction linocut, metal pigments, paper, tyvek, mylar

ed 40 © 2011


Artist book editions that are hand made using a variety of materials and printing techniques in edition sizes from 4 to 150 copies.

Thomas Parker Williams lives and works in Philadelphia. His primary areas of work include hand-made artist book editions, printmaking and painting,. Some of his artist book editions contain an audio element – music or sound work – composed, performed, and recorded by the artist. Tom’s artist books, paintings and prints, have been exhibited in Philadelphia, New York, and throughout the country, and are in numerous private and public collections.