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Todd Pattison

Andover, Massachusetts


Figuring Women

8⅝ x 5¾ x ⅞

marbled paper, board, 19th century prints, photo album frames

unique © 2012



The Dead Electronic Book

9 x 10 x 13

paper, copper wire, wood

unique © 2012


The electronic delivery of information, specifically e-books, represents a challenge for not only how I view books, but also for the way I make my living. I have recently been creating pieces that are a reaction against or a comment on e-books and the vast information that they contain. These pieces typically use found or recycled materials as most e-readers will likely have a lifespan of around 5 years and will then become trash. At that point, all of their information will be lost, sometimes instantaneously. A book, or elements of books, can have further lives once their intended use is over.

Todd Pattison works as a Collections Conservator at Harvard University. He studied bookbinding with Fred Jordan staring in the 1970s and later studied with Hugo Peller and Edwin Heim at Centro Del Bel Libro. He holds a BA in Art History from Nazareth College and an MLIS from the University of Alabama. Todd is the current chair of the New England chapter of the Guild of Book Workers.