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Claire Eileen Owen

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The Seduction of Marian

9¼ x 6½, paper, cloth ed 30 © 2007


The Seduction of Marian is a re-telling of the Annunciation story as told through the eyes of a thirteen girl in the weeks that lead up to the day Gabriel appeared. The images are ink drawing that were scanned and printed digitally, as is the light grey back ground text. The black text is printed letterpress by Art Larson of Horton Tank Graphics in Hadley, Mass. The book is bound in a cloth covered chemise by the artist, with the help of Elena Bouvier.

Claire Eileen Owen has been producing fine print artist’s books since 1981. Her Turtle Island Press books maintain many of the traditional aspects of fine print editions, using archival materials, and formal binding formats, while developing original content. Owen enjoys developing a strong narrative in each title, and feels this to be her primary artistic objective. The books are hand printed and bound in editions of 26-50. Recently Owen has included digital imagery of her drawing and painting in her bookwork.