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Melissa Duckworth

Beverly Hills, Michigan

duckworth_butterflypress_cover2.jpg duckworth_butterflypress_interior.jpg

Butterfly Press

mixed media

10 x 7 x 2

© 2006


A text is metamorphosed, changing from a loose-leaf manuscript into a fully-fledged “book”, through the bindery process. Why is it that a stack of papers with the same text is not itself a book? Butterfly Press is a collection of fragile papers and pressed flowers, poetry and love letters, held together by a flower press, legitimized by a book-shaped facade.

Cherry butterfly press, bookbox made from walnut bark, cork, and textile handmade papers, original poetry handwritten on craftpaper.

duckworth_yellowbook_cover2.jpg duckworth_yellowbook_detail.jpg

Yellowheart Poems

mixed media

dimensions variable

© 2011


After completing the large installation pieces that form the “Concrete Poetry” series, I began to explore ways to make the concept portable. I fell in love with Pau Amarillo wood’s unique color and began to see poetic rhythm in the sunshine grain patterns. “Yellowheart Poems” displays the silhouettes of original poems instead of the structuralist works I’d used for the “Concrete Poetry” series. It teases at the rigid materiality of the book form itself as a default container for linguistic work.

Pau Amarello (“yellowheart” wood), concrete.

Melissa Duckworth grew up in New York, moved to Michigan, went to Seattle, then moved back to Michigan and now resides near Detroit where she is employed by the Compuware Corporation designing user interfaces for enterprise software. She holds an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2D Design (2009). Melissa began working with “construction” materials while she was pregnant and barred from using glues, pastes, paints and other more traditional bookmaking materials.

Abecedarian Gallery carries Duckworth broadsides and books in inventory. Contact gallery for details.

Please contact Alicia at Abecedarian Gallery for more details or to purchase any of this work