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Dave Seiler
Dolph Smith
Kathy Strother
Kerri Cushman
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Robyn Raines
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Dolph Smith

Ripley, Tennessee

Hum.Dumpty .jpgHumDump open.jpg

Humpty Dumpty

mixed media assemblage

dimensions 121/2 x 9 x 6

© 2011


Humpty Dumpty had lain awake all night.  He had planned his adventure for weeks and today was the day.  He rolled out of his nest before that pesky rooster started his screechy reveille. No one knew what he was going to attempt.  Not even his Mom, Mrs. Henny Penny.  He wasn’t about to tell her. She was a hysteric and would go nuts.  She was always running around the yard clucking, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!”  

No, he would go immediately. Before he lost his nerve. 

His goal? The wall at the edge of the woods.  He was determined to climb it.  

Humpty believed that if he could only get on top of that wall he could see things he could never have dreamed.  And, from that high vantage point he knew he could better see the sights here in his own village... 

Smith Fire Pole .jpgSmith Fire Pole det 1 .jpg

The Fire Pole

interactive assemblage

12 x 8 x 51/2

© 2011


I have printed out my story, The Fire Pole, cut it into lines and wrapped them around a block of wood and suspended it inside the book. Hence, text block! An effort to bring 3-D ‘illustrations’ into a 3-D vehicle.

Wood, mica, altered text.

Text Block Tango .jpg

Text Block Tango

interactive assemblage

14 x 111/2 x 61/2

© 2010


When placed near a radio station broadcasting from Brazil, Text Block Tango will sway back and forth. Why, just last night, Carnival time in Rio, TBT danced the night away.  When interviewed this morning she was at a loss for words but clearly had had a grand time.

Wood, mixed papers, brass rods, tubing, spray paint.

If You Meet Yourself Coming And Going ...Who's There?

mixed media interactive sculpture

7 1/2 x 11 x 8

© 2011


My desire is to open our sculptural friend the book and find sculptural images. A continued effort to develop 3-d illustrations.  Seeking a genre that stands beside but not as pop-up. Also, I see the book as this object with moving parts so my illustrations also move about.  They don't 'pop-up', they are simply there.

Wood, mixed papers, found figures, spray paint, metal grid, rubber stamp text.


Dolph Smith’s career began in post war Europe as a GI stunned enough by the art and architecture of that world to risk returning to the Memphis College of Art near his home in western Tennessee.  He graduated in 1960 in Advertising Design, soon became bored and picked up a watercolor brush. Five years later he was back at MCA as a faculty member.  He taught there for 30 years developing a Handmade Paper and Book program. He has not been bored since. Now lives and has a studio on a farm he named Tennarkippi Field. Most recently Smith was awarded the 2011 Tennessee Governor’s Distinguished Artist Award in the Arts.

More work by Dolph available, contact gallery for details.

Please contact Alicia at Abecedarian Gallery for more details or to purchase any of this work