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Macy Chadwick

Oakland, California


Conversion (a conversation told in symbols)

mulberry paper, Micron pens, book cloth, pochoir

13 x 9¼ x ¼

© 2013

edtion size: unique

$ 1000

My challenge was how to tell a sequential, narrative story with abstract imagery and no text. I chose to convey a conversation using only symbols. I created a vocabulary of hand-drawn or stencil symbols shown in the key: words left unspoken, a talkative jumble of words, and an active imagination, among others. In my symbolic conversation, one person finally speaks his/her mind, and each person influences the other in some way.

Ideation Cards:

technique: hand-drawn and/or painted

layout: centered on the page

paper: neutral

text: none

image: abstract

color: single color

structure: single sheet binding

adjectives: fragmented or mosaic, narrative, humorous, sequential, and serious

Macy Chadwick received an MFA in Book Arts and Printmaking from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She currently creates books and prints in her letterpress studio in Oakland, and teaches classes at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, San Francisco Art Institute, and San Francisco Center for the Book. Her work is in prominent collections in the U.S. and abroad, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, Yale University Special Collections, and University of Washington, Seattle.

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