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Mandie Rider

Bay Area, California



rice paper, string, beeswax, black & white pens, ink

6¾ x 12½ X 2¼

© 2013

edtion size: unique

$ 300

In drawing the cards for the ideation book, the text card—stream of consciousness, rant, or free write—spoke to me the most. A tragic local event sparked the rant that is expressed in my book Silenced. I layered this rant text with short phrases evoking the horror that I felt upon hearing this story. The string is a symbol for the words that the victim was unable to speak and the cicada wings stand for hope and healing.

Ideation Cards:

technique: hand-drawn and/or painted

layout: centered on the page

paper: single color

text: stream of consciousness, free write, or rant image: extracted from a single image

color: muted or pastel

structure: multiple openings

adjectives: pessimistic, colorful, simple, issue based; wild card: incorporate self-reflexivity or evidence of process into your project

Mandie Rider attended Cleveland State University in Ohio, graduating with a BA in Arts Education. After relocating to the Bay Area, she obtained two California State Teacher’s Credential and began teaching Visual Arts and Kindergarten at Ruby Bridges Elementary, a Title-I school in Alameda. Most recently, Rider received a MFA in Printmaking from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco in May of 2013. She also assists book artist Macy Chadwick at In Cahoots Press in Oakland.

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