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Nance O’Banion

Oakland, California


Allegorical Chronicles

Kitakata with a kyosei-shi cover

11 x 18 x ¼ (closed)

11 x 27 x ¼ (open)

© 2013

edtion size: 6

$ 1000

The word, allegorical, was a key adjective for me in the Ideation card selection and is the primary inspiration for this work. To start making the book, I went to the dictionary and found that an allegory is defined as a symbolic narrative expressed by fictional figures or actions of truths about human experience. Following this definition, Allegorical Chronicles tells a sentimental tale, without words, about individuality and friendship. Like many of my other works, these images come from daydreaming and a spontaneous drawing approach to making work. Allegorical Chronicles was done by graphite frottage (rubbing) taken from a series of artist-made wood carvings and bound by Japanese side sewing, a single leaf construction.

Ideation Cards:

technique: mixed media

layout: random or unplanned

paper: pre-treated

text: self-generated

image: self-generated

color: highly colorful

structure: single leaf

adjectives: sequential narrative sentimental or nostalgic allegorical mystical or spiritualNance O’Banion (MA, UC Berkeley) Recognized internationally since the l970s for her innovative work in textiles, paper and book arts, her works are included in major museum collections in Europe, Japan, Canada, and the US. A professor at California College of the Arts, she has taught in the US, Europe, and Canada. Her courses, like her art, reflect a multi-media, interdisciplinary, often collaborative approach to art, as well as her deep interest in dreams and daydreams.

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