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Reiko Fujii

Alamo, California


Shoes of Ancestors

glass jars, fused photo decals, vellum, alchohol ink, wood, plexiglass, LED lights

4½ x 9½ x 2½

© 2013

edtion size: unique

$ 1300

Found photographs of my ancestors’ and my husband’s ancestors’ shoes and feet inspired this miniature art book installation. Discarded pictures were the remnants from a prior art piece. My interest in working with glass led me to fuse the tiny photographs onto old hexagon glass jars. Upon closer inspection, the magnification, distortion and translucency of the ghost-like photographs intrigued me. This led me to use vellum and alcohol inks to create pages that would catch and illuminate my stream-of consciousness writing. During the process of creating this book, my father passed away unexpectedly. The pictorial remnants of my ancestors’ shoes, feet, and “zoris” (Japanese slippers) took on a more personal and deeper meaning. To complete my book, I decided that a light box was required to illuminate the photographs.

Ideation Cards:

technique: hand drawn and/or painted

layout: centered on the page

paper: single color

text: stream of consciousness, free write, or rant

image: found image

color: muted or pastel

structure: unbound

adjectives: simple, decorative, whimsical, miniature, photographic

Reiko Fujii is a third generation Japanese American artist. With a sensitive heart, an artist’s eye and a determined interest in passing on stories of her Japanese American upbringing, she encapsulates snippets of her life experiences in video, perfor- mances, installations, and book art. She has exhibited her work in museums and galleries in California. She received a Master of Fine Arts from John F. Kennedy University, Berkeley and a Bachelor of Art in Psychology from UC Berkeley.

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