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Thomas Rockwell

San Ramon, California


Hidden in Plain View

BFK Rives cream paper, tracing paper, sinew, cotton thread

4 x 5½ x ¼

© 2013

edtion size: ?

$ 300

This book was constructed from tracing paper with the text printed on the interior of the pages. The surface of the book is actually devoid of printing- the content is only visible due to the translucent paper. The pages were printed from Litho plates and bound together with sinew. The text is Enochian, a 16th Century occult language for communing with Angels, and instructs the reader on a guided meditation. The images are seals used to invoke elementals & angels. The largest challenge was actually the Wild Card - incorporating evidence of process in the final work. I struggled with different methods, but none were obvious enough to others that saw the results. Finally, I decided to best suit the parameters of both Lyrical & the Wild Card, I would actually print sections of the plates that were used for alignment in addition to the images or text. The biggest challenge was letting go of the need for perfection & letting the work behind the scenes show through in the finished piece.

Ideation Cards:

technique: high-tech (letterpress, offset, or printmaking)

layout: based on a grid

paper: transparent/translucent

text: abstract, non-verbal, or gibberish

image: lifted from outside sources

color: favorite

structure: historic structure

adjectives: lyrical/musical, encyclopedic, allegorical, surreal

wild card: incorporate evidence of process into the finished piece

Thomas Rockwell is a sculptor and book artist in the California Bay Area finishing his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Traditional Arts at Cal State East Bay in Hayward. He has been working with a focus in metals for several years, specifically with a focus in metallurgical and alchemical symbolism. He strives to combine elements of the occult with modern scientific understanding both visually and through use of materials.

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