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Alice Shaw
Alisa Golden
Betsy Davids
Bettina Pauly
Casey Gardner
Charles Hobson
Julie Chen
Karen Sjoholm
Kat Howard
Lucia Dill
Lucy Childs
Macy Chadwick
Mandie Rider
Michael Henninger
Nance O'Banion
Reiko Fujii
Thomas Rockwell


Ideation cards

Ideation by Chance is a group exhibit, curated by book artist and educator Julie Chen. All of the work in the exhibit has been created and produced over the past several months as a response to each artists’ drawing a series of cards from Chen and Tetenbaum’s Artists’ Book Ideation Card Decks.

The Artists’ Book Ideation Card Decks are the creation of Barbara Tetenbaum and Julie Chen, published earlier this year. The published set consists of two decks. Deck One consists of category cards that address various aspects of the book such as structure, layout, technique. Deck Two is a deck of adjectives.  By drawing a total of 12 cards, an artist is given a fairly comprehensive set of prompts to work from.

Ideation Decks are available for purchase - please contact Alicia for details.

For this exhibition, Chen to invited members of her book group to each make a piece based on a drawing of the cards. The group has been meeting for a number of years to discuss various books and text relevant to the teaching of book art in an academic setting and is made up of book art educators who all teach at the college level.

In addition to being teachers, everyone in the group is also a studio practitioner. As the Artist’s Book Ideation Cards were originally designed as a teaching tool, this exhibition gave Chen the perfect opportunity to curate an exhibit showcasing the work of book art educators and students together. To this end Chen asked each member of the book group to invite a student or former student to participate in the show.

The works in the exhibit clearly show that, even though each person started with a “recipe” of prompts, and in many cases with one or more prompts in common with other artists in the show, the artists’ own individual approaches and visions shine through: it is clear that there is nothing formulaic about the resulting work.

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