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Mexico Stories

Edition of 100
Three short stories, Esmerelda, Reader of Palms & Thorns, written by Colorado writer Carolyn Hull during a retreat in Mexico, in the sultry magic realism style often associated with that geography. The stories are bound in a dos-a-dos-a-dos pamphlet stitched wrap around cover. Cover and chapter head illustrations are inkjet prints of photographs by Alicia Bailey. Pages are laserprint with hand stamping.
Opens to 5.75x22 inches

$35- to purchase contact gallery


Alicia Bailey - ravenpress
Born in Denver, I have always lived in Colorado, currently maintaining a studio and residence in the Denver metro area. I received my BFA in Studio Arts with an emphasis in printmaking and photography from the University of Colorado. I have worked as a studio artist since then in a variety of two- and three-dimensional media.
For the past twelve years, I have focused on the book form. A familiarity with many materials is invaluable to my approach to the book as interactive sculpture. Expanding the conceptual definition of 'book', I often work with non-traditional materials such as glass, porcelain and steel, although for practical purposes most of my limited edition work relies on more traditional book materials and structures. I have achieved national recognition in this field and work as a visiting artist and instructor throughout the United States.  My work has been exhibited in 35 solo and over 100 group exhibitions in the US, Ireland, Austria, Mexico, England and Canada.

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