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A Contemplation on the Obsessive Nature of Time is a series of 12 flipbooks, one for each month of the year. The images show the progressive growth of a surreal plant. January's seed ends in December with a strange collaged plant, a pocket watch dropping from between the petals. The images are based on Julio Cortazar's prose poems "Preamble to the Instructions on How to Wind a Watch" and "Instructions on How to Wind a Watch." Edition of 30. Photocopy and Gocco printed. 2" x 4.25" x 4"

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Nikki Thompson
Nikki Thompson enjoys obscure, innovative literature and the fine craftsmanship of outdated technologies and "women's work." She likes the craft even better if it has a cantankerous Union history. She uses these crafts to make artist's books that investigate structure, material, and image in terms of poetry, both hers and that of poets she likes. Her work frequently uses metaphors of science and architecture to explore isolation and relationships.

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