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Cynthia Colbert

Lexington, South Carolina

36%20Colbert%202.%20DSC_1159.jpg colbert

The Scars We Carry

wood, paper, linen, silk, and cotton threads, hemp and shell button closure

12½ x 6 x 2½ closed; 22 x 6 open

© 2011

$ 600

Created during recuperation from surgery while I was bedridden. I carved the oak planks while sitting in a wheelchair. The process of making this book helped me heal. I had unlimited time to think, plan, and reconsider my plans and when I was able, I created the book with certainty and calmness.

The beginning of the book is very simple. As the book progresses the pages become more complex. Pages have cut and sewn areas and healing wounds that are covered with translucent skin-toned paper.

Cynthia Colbert grew up in the south and spent a lot of time with older relatives sitting on porches, drinking iced tea, and listening to stories. Making books that include her own observations and stories satisfies her needs to create and to share ideas with others.