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Karen Kunc

Avoca, Nebraska


Know and Forget

watercolor, paste paper, book cloth

9½ x 5½ x ½ closed; 9½ x 11 open

© 2007


I visually examine other worlds of edgy natural order and beautiful disasters with intense color visions, filling watery spaces, as images submerge, emerge, and tantalize with subtle grace and gestural power. Mixed methods mirror the content of evolutionary forces and reversals in spreads of newly vulnerable, or toxic, evolving worlds of microbes, seedlings, corals, gaseous pools, distended flora.

Drum-leaf binding.




paper, leather

10 x 6 closed; 10 x 42 open

edition of 50

© 2009

$950 (click here to order this book)

In words and images, micro-to-macroscopic layers of poignant meaning and memory are an intimately held and transient wonder. Transited light melds the recto and verso printing into one light-born envelope. Intimations are caught and lost in the act of reading, viewing, meditating, immersing.

Accordion structure with gatefold center spread, covered boards with woodcut printed paper and end sheets, goatskin spine.

Karen Kunc is a professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She has taught workshops around the world and served as a visiting artist to over 100 institutions. Recognitions include: the 2007 Southern Graphics International Printmaker Emeritus Award and a Fulbright Scholar Award to Finland.