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Ashley L Schick
Bill Lowrey
Celina Grigore
Cheri Buxman
Cheryl Bailey
Claire Simon
Donald Fodness
Ellen M Harper
Emily Martin
Gayle Gerson
Jason Lee Gimbel
Jen Urso
Jenny Wiener
Michael Bernhardt
Michael Good
Sara Sanderson
Seth Roby
Susan J Thompson




Jen Urso

Phoenix, Arizona


Organic, anatomical and structured imagery were used in this series of drawings exploring the connections between social and urban spaces. Jen Urso creates performance, video and drawings that explore endurance, persistence, change, and ignored or forgotten moments and places. She is a Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant recipient and has exhibited in Arizona, New York, Colorado, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro. Jen received her BFA from Carnegie Mellon University.


the things in between study 5

ink, pencil and marker on paper

6 x 9

© 2011