Nathan Lucas
Portland, OR

Walden, Untitled and Walden, Untitled
$55 each

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Artist Statement

The two Walden Books in this show are from a set of five books. Each book takes text from chapters in Walden and combines the text with different images I have made at Walden Pond or places I felt could represent the landscape of Walden. Theses pieces were originally inspired by my middle name. I was named Walden, after one of my father’s favorite books. I have found Thoreau’s Walden, his ideas and thoughts about humanity and our relationship to nature to be a continued source of inspiration.

About These Books

The books are constructed and glued to the inside of thin cigar tins. Each book is composed of five pages, printed using an inkjet printer. The pages are accordion folded and bonded with white artist tape. The books can be either hung and viewed on a wall or held in your hand. The closed tin measures 4.375 x 5 inches. The individual pages measure 2.75 inches. Unique Book.

Artist Biography

Nathan Lucas is an artist and a teacher living in Portland Oregon. He has an MFA from the University of Oregon in Visual Design. His main medium of choice is photography. He has been photographing for over 30 years. His most recent work involves combining his images with different tactile forms ranging from boxes to books, where he explores personal ideas in a more intimate scale.

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