Kelly OBrien • TurningPointe Press
Alexandria, VA


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About this Book

Miniature accordion book that transforms to a wearable adult-sized tutu. Handmade paper, tulle, machine stitching, thread, pointe shoe ribbon, pigment ink; 3 x 3 x 2 inches closed, 3 x 224 inches open. Edition of 50.

Artist Statement

As a book artist, I am re-emerging as the artist long submerged who walked away from a dance career 25 years ago. Coming to terms with dreams lost, choices made and paths followed has taken time. The book arts offer me a rich medium to explore these issues and rediscover deep creativity, joy, and voice.

myTurningPointe uses text, images and movement to explore my complex relationship with ballet, the influence of my family of origin, loss of self, and recovered joy. My intent is to transform the reader into a dancer—to be involved and to move—not just be part of the audience. At the end of the book, the reader is invited to wear the tutu, dance, take a bow and bask in the applause.

Artist Biography

Kelly O’Brien lives in Alexandria, Virginia. By day, she’s a government contractor working to help transform government under the new Administration. Every other waking hour, she’s immersed in the book arts, secretly hatching plans to make a fulltime transition back into the arts.

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