Moe Snyder • MoeLetters Press
Portland, OR

Top: Rome, 1997 $325
Bottom: Love
s Diary $

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About this Book - Rome, 1997

Rome, 1997 is a short story in pen & ink—brief moments in a trip that changed everything. Accordion structure with interlocking hard case. Case lining is a relief print from a rubbing done in a Roman ruin. Japanese book cloth, Rives BFK paper, pen and ink, watercolor, stone from the Roman Forum, sterling silver. 5 x 8 x .5 inches. Opens to 46 inches. Unique Book.

About this Book - Love’s Diary

Some of life’s larger secrets concern whom we love, and why we love them. And why, when it does, love stops. When love is new, it is pure sensation; what is felt in the body and in every raw nerve. We lie, gently, to ourselves. Cold fact does not concern us, when love is new. But when love ends, that love becomes an artifact. Endlessly, we excavate the sedimentary layers, seeking to reclaim what we’ve lost, or thrown away, or wasted. Again we deceive ourselves, in order to withstand the pain of our loss. Love’s Diary seeks to explore these opposite ends of love’s spectrum, and the secrets, lies and sensations contained there. German case-bound in red Japanese book cloth, with spine inlay and key and loop closure; graphite drawings on pearl gray paper. 4 x 6 x 5/8 inches, 44 pages. Unique book.

Artist Biography

Moe Snyder has studied calligraphy and book arts for many years, and has taken letterforms and calligraphic marks from prints to broadsides to books and boxes to wall-sized drawings. Originally from the Oregon coast, she now lives in Portland, Oregon, where she is the proprietor of MoeLetters Press.

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