Tom Biby and Jonathan Fetter-Vorm •Two Fine Chaps Press
New York, NY and San Francsico, CA

The Chase, or The Third Day
$150 (deluxe edition) $60 (regular edition)

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About this Book

Illustrated excerpt to the final chapter of that greatest of books, Moby Dick. This limited edition accordion-fold book features a series of cutout windows that reveal a lavish pen & ink drawing, rife with allegory and artistic intent. Handsomely bound in handmade papers. Printed on archival inkjet rag paper in an edition of 180. Copies numbered 1-25 are deluxe with hand-gilt gold lettering and a custom clamshell box. Copies numbered 26-75 feature letterpress printed covers and are signed by the Two Fine Chaps. 3.75 x 6 inches.

Artist Statement

Herman Melville’s Moby Dick—considered by some to be the best and greatest and most perfect book ever written—is the latest beneficiary of those reverent & illuminating penmen, the Two Fine Chaps. We’ve troll’d the vast diluvial chapters of that brilliant book and are quite pleased to announce that we’ve finally hit our mark. Here, then, friends, is our The Chase, or The Third Day, an illustrated excerpt from the final chapter of Moby Dick. Presented as a striking accordion-fold book, our latest publication unfolds to reveal both Melville’s text (finely printed) as well as a twenty-inch-long pen and ink illustration. Each page of the text features a small cut-out window that reveals the other side of the book. Indeed, so difficult is it to explain the delightfully cunning mechanics of this volume, that the only adequate explanation will come when you yourself can hold and manipulate its lush papers.

Artist Biography

Two Fine Chaps is Tom Biby and Jonathan Fetter-Vorm. They live in San Francisco and New Yorkand make graphic novels and the occasional illustration. Tom is a graduate of the University of Montana in Missoula, where he was bestowed with a BFA. Now he works construction, all the while imagining ever-grander vistas and increasingly complicated perspectives. Tom draws all of the landscapes and buildings and anything else that Jon can’t do. Jonathan graduated from Stanford, where he studied history and fine arts. He now works at the Workshop of Wonders full time. It’s best if he avoids drawing straight lines, so it is his job to draw all of the characters and to propose sloppy but ambitious page layouts.

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