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Laura Davidson

Boston, Massachusetts


L_Davidson_Apocolypse details.jpg

Apocalypse Detail

wood, paper, brass hinges

3 x 11½ open

© 2009


This work comes from looking at details in the things around me, whether it is tools in the studio or kitchen, or postcards from my travels. I’ve collected postcards for many years and used them as references for drawing, and eventually started drawing directly on the surface of the postcards to personalize my souvenirs.

Apocalypse Detail is a unique accordion book filled with paper mosaics that are details from the Apocalypse mosaic at San Marco in Venice (dated 1570). The book’s structure is made from mahogany, and bound with cloth and nails. The mosaics are tiny pieces of paper glued into place, then painted and gilded. The cover is a mosaic of the title.

L_Davidson_Culinaria.jpg L_Davidson_Culinariawhisk.jpg


stainless steel, retro fabric, brass spatula, magnets

6 x 5

edition of ten

© 2009


Books are containers for ideas. By putting images together in book form, I hope to create a visual narrative that takes the viewer to another time and place.

Culinaria is a small edition of hand colored dry point prints depicting well-designed and useful kitchen tools. The end pages are a linoleum print grid pattern of knives and forks. The cover is stainless steel bound with a retro fabric that recalls an apron. On the cover is a brass spatula held on by magnets. Ten dry point prints and four linoleum prints are contained within the book.

L_Davidson_Roman Ruins cover.jpg L_Davidson_romanruins.jpg

Roman Ruins

postcard, gold leaf

51/2 x 14 open

© 2011


Roman Ruins is a unique accordion book incorporating two painted postcards with gold leaf details, and two silver point drawings. On the back of the book, there are hand drawn cancelled postage stamps.

Laura Davidson is a Boston artist who makes books, and drawings. She incorporates many types of materials in her work, including wood, paper, wax, metals, and objects found in her eclectic collections. Her interest in mosaic and other classical methods frequently show up in her work. Maps, art history, travel, architecture and her love of birds are recurring elements in her visual vocabulary. Davidson grew up in Michigan, attended Michigan State University, and received a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute. Since that time she has been living and working in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood with her partner and daughter. She has received several grants for her work, and her books can be found in private collections and libraries throughout the United States and around the world.

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