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CELESTIAL EVENTS (letterpressartists birthday/anniversary calendar)

a heavenly date guide for those who reach for the stars! Each seasonal panel has lines for you to add your own celestial events, the months appear demurely at the bottom of the page, and elegantly in the background is the night sky as it appears in that season. The cover panel is the zodiac signs for the full year. Illustrations are the 1854 French version of "Smith's Illustrated Astronomy" By Asa Smith. (note some of the French plates were not completely translated from English, but mostly it is in French) Celestial Events is printed on FSC / SFI certified EcoTect chipboard in a limited edition of 200 and each calendar is numbered.
Size: 10" x 10", 5 panels

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Melissa Kaup-Augustine
Melissa Kaup-Augustine has an MA in graphic arts from Rochester Institute of Technology. Through her business Lizard Press, Melissa designs limited-edition books, broadsides and greeting cards using a combination of vintage wood and metal type and contemporary photopolymer plates.

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