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Bryan Kring

Oakland, California, United States


Sea Monster

paper, ink, brass, wood, plastic rod

2.75 x 3.5 x 3.25

edition size: 100

© 2014


Lurking beneath the surface like demons of the subconscious, sea monsters are full of mystery. The creature in this tale washes ashore like a force of doom, bringing tragedy and despair to the people of a small coastal town. The map covering the box is an intaglio print. The text was printed on a letterpress as were the diorama elements which were then painted with water color. When the brass ring is pulled, the waves move, the sailboat rocks, and the arm of the monster rises threateningly.

Bryan Kring wanted to be a writer. He had a typewriter and a bottle of rum but found that he didn’t have many stories to tell. Instead he saw pictures so he took up painting. He went to art school and filled his home with large canvases. When he ran out of space he took up printmaking and fell in love with the beauty of paper and the intimacy of small hand-made objects. Now, later in years he has found a few stories and is enjoying making works which combine printing, painting, and writing.

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