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Adelle Outerridge

Alicia Bailey

Amanda Watson-Will

Amelia Bird

Andrea Crane

Christopher Janke

Claire Jeanine Satin

Denise Bookwalter

Douglas Buebe

Emily Artinian

Holly Hanessian

Irene Chan

Jan Owen

Macy Chadwick

Mira Coviensky

Mirabelle Jones

Pamela Zwehl-Burke

RD Burton

Robbin Ami Silverberg

Terri Tibbatts

Thomas Parker Williams

Tonia Bonnell

Wim de Vos


Transparent/Opaque 2

June 15 - July  28, 2012


Abecedarian Gallery’s summer exhibition features visual artworks that utilize transparency and/or the building up of layers to create density as both material and conceptual elements.

Transparent/Opaque 2 is curated by gallery director Alicia Bailey and is the 2nd iteration of the concept. Included are works in a variety of media and scale by artists from throughout the United States, Canada and Australia. These works effectively present perceptual and physical layering with explorations of intellectual, emotional, political, spiritual and relational associations.

As is typical of exhibitions hosted by Abecedarian Gallery, the variety of materials and methods in Transparent/Opaque 2 is diverse, resulting in an exhibition favoring both complexity and intimacy. The materials are not limited to the obvious, such as glass and plastic. They include both machine and and handmade paper, loosely woven synthetics, imagery on transparency film, opaque materials (both rigid and flexible) from which sections have been abraded or removed. One artist uses water as a transparent medium for her message.

The exhibition includes several important contemporary artists whose work is too infrequently exhibited in the southwestern US. Abecedarian is pleased to introduce the works of Brooklyn artists Douglas Buebe and Robbin Ami Silverberg, Austrailian artists Adelle Outteridge, Wim de Vos and Amanda Watson-Will, and Canadian artist Mira Coviensky to the Denver area. Also new to the gallery are Christopher Janke, Terri Tibbats, RD Burton, Emily Artinian, Holly Hanessian, Irene Chan, Mirabelle Jones and Pamela Zwehl-Burke. Other artists Tonia Bonnell, Jan Owen, Amelia Bird, Thomas Parker Williams, Andrea Crane, Denise Bookwalter and Claire Janine Satin have exhibited at Abecedarian in the past.