Kitty Maryatt • Scripps College Press
Claremont, CA

To Ones Taste

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About this Book

6 3/4 x 5/8 x 9 1/2, 107 pages, type hand set and printed letterpress on Japanese Yatsue paper by eleven students in the Typography and the Book Arts class at Scripps College Press, linoleum block prints, case-bound Islamic-style with foredge flap and Chinese clasp using Japanese bookcloth. Edition of 109.

Artist Statement

The semester collaborative book project focused on spices and the fascinating 2000-year history of trade along the Silk Road. Texts emphasized personal relationships with spices accompanied by cultural and historical and botanical notes. Imagery enhanced the texts with maps and evocative images of spices. The spread shown above was produced by Chanda Phelan. The seven colors of the Japanese Yatsuo paper reflected the colors of the chosen spices. The binding is lightweight: it was imagined being carried by spice traders for long distances. The goal was to understand better the history of a complex and ethnically varied region of the world that spices traversed.

Artist Biography

Kitty Maryatt has been involved in the book arts since 1971. She has an MFA from UCLA, is Assistant Professor of Art at Scripps College and is Director of the Scripps College Press. In the course called Typography and the Book Arts at Scripps College, students work collaboratively to create a limited edition fine press book. She is also principal owner of Two Hands Press, a book arts design studio specializing in the design and fabrication of both handmade and production books. Kitty also teaches Book Structures at UCLA Extension and lectures and gives workshops in the U.S. and, in the summer of 2009, in Japan.

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