Sandy Tilcock • lone goose press
Eugene, OR

Oregon Pilgrimage in Green: A Forest Journal for My Brother

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About this Book

Printed on Somerset Book paper, bound in a concertina format, with an etching of a maidenhair fern for the cover, the book cascades, revealing a continuous image and text over 10 feet in length. Presented in an edition of 100 numbered and 10 lettered (participant) copies. 12 x 6.375 inches folded, 18 pages.

Artist Statement

Prose Poem by Kim Stafford. Photoengravings by Margot Voorhies Thompson. The author’s words and artist’s images together evoke the natural world and life cycles of the Oregon landscape, a landscape that holds strong memories for Stafford. Here, he spent childhood time with his brother, whose tragic death by suicide is at the heart of this “rhapsody of loss.” He now finds in this place both healing and a still-flourishing relationship with his brother. This original work of art and literature was created through the collaboration of Stafford, Voorhies Thompson, and Sandy Tilcock, the book’s designer, printer, and binder. The trio of artists worked closely for nearly two years on the idea, from its original inspiration to the finished work, a book that is a seamless integration of verbal, visual, and physical entity. The concertina-style book, with an etching of a maidenhair fern on its cover, cascades to reveal a continuous image and text over ten feet in length.

Artist Biography

Sandy Tilcock has been involved with traditional book arts for over 25 years. Her deepening interest in the craft of hand bookbinding led her to enroll at the University of Alabama’s Book Arts Institute, where she completed a Master of Fine Arts in 1987. While at Alabama, she developed a keen interest in printing and typography. She studied letterpress printing with the Institute’s director, Richard-Gabriel Rummonds.

lone goose press was founded following her return to Eugene. The name of the press derives from a passage in Aldo Leopold’s Sand County Almanac. Leopold’s curious observation of the occasional solitary Canada goose during the Spring migration resonated with her sense of sudden isolation starting a one-person enterprise after leaving the collegial support of the Institute. In addition to her lone goose work, Sandy served for 7 years as Director of Knight Library Press at the University of Oregon.

Sandy had a solo show of her broadsides at 23 Sandy Gallery in 2008. You can find a complete catalog of that show here and in stock in the gallery.

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