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Lucy Childs

Martinez, California


How to Tell and Keep a Secret

paper, photography

9 x 13

© 2013

edtion size: open

$ 120

This is a fan whose purpose is to blow words into oblivion as they are spoken. A secret can be told and will dissipate before it’s heard. This fan will allow the user to tell a secret knowing that the secret is still safe and secure in the universe.

Ideation Cards:

technique: mixed media

layout: in the form of a diagram, chart or map

paper: single color

text: self-generated

image: self-generated

color: primary

structure: innovative structure (tunnel book, magic wallet, carousel book, flag book, etc)

adjectives: decorative, strange or exotic, colorful, encyclopedic, humorous

Lucy Childs first showed her artist books in 1976 at La Mamelle, Inc./Art Com, a gallery for conceptual and performance art, video and photography. In 1979, she and three friends founded Another Room Magazine, a bi-monthly for avant-garde and off-beat arts and music. More recently, she began Another Room Book Arts to sell artists’ books and sells books produced in the US and Europe. She has continued showing her sculpture, paintings, and artist books over the years in galleries and shows.

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