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Cathy DeForest

Ashland, Oregon



11⅜ x 9¼ x 2¼

photogravure, paper, board, linen, thread, sticks

ed. 12, © 2011


"While traveling in Ecuador, I was struck by a woman gathering sticks in a field. YET features a polymer photogravure of this indigenous Ecuadorian woman and a book about hope and despair. The side-sewn book is housed on sticks in a custom portfolio box."


Wings of Song

8¾ x 4 x 1

letterpress, paper, watercolor, gouache, housed in letterpress printed box

ed 100, © 2008


When a bird’s nest fell out of a wisteria bush the day my son left to go to school 3,000 miles away, the words to On Wings of Song came to me. I was struck by the way we humans, like birds, build secure nests for our children which then leads to their individual flights.

Wings of Song and YET are two artists’ books by Cathy DeForest. YET features a polymer photogravure of an indigenous Ecuadorian woman and a side sewn book housed on sticks in a custom portfolio box.

Cathy DeForest is a Northwest book artist who integrates printmaking, photography, drawing, mixed media and letterpress into her artists’ books. Cathy specializes in small editions of letterpress books and one-of-a-kind books based on found objects. Through her multi-layered works, Cathy seeks to evoke the depth and mystery of the human experience.