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Jana Sim

Chicago, Illinois


ABC11 Jana_Sim_Konglish_1.jpg

“This book is about the differences between how language is observed and interpreted. My focus is on three languages which are Korean, English and Konglish (Korean + English). There are short, humorous
stories in each language that I have personally experienced based on the differences of the languages and
how they function in different cultures. How Korean appears to English speakers and how English appears
to Korean speakers is different and sometimes leads to funny mistakes and experiences causing misinterpretation or confusion.”

Combine of two existing forms: the Drum Leaf and Dos-a-Dos, letterpress printed using polymer plates on Somerset white velvet, laser cut on Canford Royal Blue paper and Grafix Clear-Lay Red acetate. Images and text by Jana Sim.

various paper, acetate, leather, bookcloth

71/2 x 81/2 x 1 closed; 71/2 x 20 x 6 open

edition of 32

© 2010



Please contact Alicia at Abecedarian Gallery to purchase this piece